Benefits of MCT Oil

E. Council, B.S. Research Biologist

MCT oil is concentrated medium-chain triglycerides extracted from palm oil and coconut oil. Medium-chain triglycerides of MCT oil are generally healthier than long-chain triglycerides found in butter and mayonnaise. Not only is MCT oil a healthy alternative to long-chain triglycerides, but it can be used for prevention and treatment of metabolic issues/diseases. Medium-chain triglycerides can quickly and easily enter the mitochondria because they do not require the assistance of the acylcarnitine transfer system. This means, medium-chain triglycerides improve metabolism because they are easily used as a readily-available energy source.

MCT oil is beneficial for exercise performance and weight loss, but also benefits a number of metabolic issues. Studies show that MCT oil treatment modulates digestive, brain, and muscle metabolism; therefore, it is an effective treatment option in issues such as epilepsy, autism, cardiovascular diseases, muscle fatigue, and Alzheimer’s disease. MCT oil also benefits livestock and pets with metabolic issues.

This information was gathered from “Benefits of MCT Oil: A Brief Review”. For more information see:

Council, E. (2019) Benefits of MCT Oil: A Brief Review. Manuscript Submitted for Publication.