Advisory Board

CBD Houston works with a 9 member advisory board. We do this to ensure our mission for the company remains clear and, as we move into the future, our goal of nutrition enhanced by informed choices is maintained.

Board Members Include:
  • James Boland, M.D.

  • Alan D. Tran, M.D., P.A.

  • Jenny Vargas-Ha, L.Ac., MAOM

  • Jo Nell Norcini, L.Ac.

  • Cody Robbins, PMA-CPT, DMI-MPT, ACE-PT

  • Eileen Van Vulpen, Ph.D.

  • Joyce Ulrich of Pilates Treehouse

  • Stephanie Bennett, CPDT-KSA

Did You Know?
Erin Council - Research Biologist at CBD Houston

In 2019, CBD Houston LLC contracted research biologist Erin Council to assist our nine-member advisory board and advise the company on the science of Cannabinoids. To learn more about Erin and her work, visit our Research Page.